About me

My name is Orsi Kolonics.

As a graphic designer, I offer design and production of the following:

– logo and visual identity, which grabs attention

– lettering compositions, which can be converted into poster, book or magazine cover, card, advertisement and more

– printed items; catalog, annual report, white paper, flyer, leaflet, booklet and invitation

– illustrations in different styles and on different purposes

This is how I work

I create (almost) all kinds of graphic design to solve your problem.
I work both offline and online (print and web), always from scratch.
The pancake your grandmother bakes with hand and love, tastes better than the vacuum-packed monster from the supermarket, right? It is the same with graphic design.

My great passion is typography and calligraphy, that is why I often attend such courses and workshops. Pen tool is my best friend, I use it all the time, by hand and on the computer. You, as a customer will therefore always receive an authentic product from me. You want your product to stand out on the market and I will do my very best to help you with that.

I will describe and illustrate my working process in details soon.
Until then, you can visit this project page to learn more about it.

My background

I hold an MA in visual communication design (MOME – Hungarian University of Art and Design, 2004) and cand. IT in Interactive Digital Media (Aalborg University, 2013.)

I moved from Hungary to Aalborg, Denmark in 2007. I am fluent in Danish, English and Hungarian.

Why should you work with me?

– Because you need stunning visual communication, to create great results in your marketing and sale.

– Because you like to work with a sharp and passionate designer – yes, this is me! I ask a lot to make sure that the final project lives 110% up to your expectations. And I never miss a deadline.

– Because you cannot afford to waste your time. Therefore, you want one contact person (me), who takes the responsibility for the entire process. I work with design, production and quality control. You give a precise brief, approve the design and receive the final product.

Let us talk!

Do you want design that stands out, wakes attention and creates results in your sales? Do you want to collaborate with a friendly designer?
Contact me here.