Frydendal Beboerforening, logo and illustrated logo

Frydendal Beboerforening is the name of a residents’ association in Aalborg, Denmark. The word “Frydendal” means “Dale of Joy”, where most streets got their names after birds. It is a cozy, village-like green area with family houses and gardens on a hill. With my design I wanted to emphasize the fairy tale-like, romantic and nostalgic atmosphere of this district.

On the right: the illustrated logo with all effects.

Below: the logo in use.

Further down: about the design process.

About the process:
I always start with hand-drawn sketches, which I refine step by step on tracing paper.
After that, I digitize the drawing: I scan it and draw over with pen tool. The result is vector graphics.
Finally, I apply colors and effects, all on separated layers, in order to be able to switch them on and off.