“Nyd en hyggelig stund”

– means: Enjoy a cozy moment, in Danish.

Danes are world champions in “hygge”.
How to create a cozy atmosphere with drink, sweets, candle light…
It definitely culminates around Christmas.

My intention was to create a Christmas card. The green version is mostly for Christmas, but the message itself is relevant all year round.

From the lettering point of view, I wanted to focus on two things:

– Figuring out, what to do with three descenders right next to each other in the word “hyggelig”.

– Creating balance around the letters with the flourishes.

I made the first sketches with pencil on paper. Then the finely polished drawing was vectorized in Adobe Illustrator, where I also added colors and effects. Finally, the card was printed on glossy paper and sent out as a (Christmas) greeting.