Norður means “north” in Icelandic. Norður is a plant based restaurant, the only 100% vegan restaurant in Aalborg right now.

The owners are from Iceland and are in love with the Icelandic food, nature and music, which is also the core of the restaurant’s concept.

All dishes are made from scratch with the actual season’s organic ingredients, grown sustainably.

The logo had to show the natural, sustainable feature, that is why I drew the letters by hand. Food in Norður is made from scratch and with love. So was the logo.

The letter “ð” got green color, which emphasizes the idea of a sprout. The sprout is literally part of the restaurant, as (micro) greens and sprouts are used in various dishes. In addition, there is something metaphorical in it: the restaurant is a new concept in Aalborg and a new beginning in many ways. Co-owner and zealot Kolbrún is the former co-owner of food truck Vegandóttir.

The logo has gotten different variations: it can be used as is, on a white (or light) background with black letters, or the other way around.

The sprout can also be used by itself, or in an alternative format where the sprout is emphasized as a graphical element.