It has been a great pleasure to design logo for a new takeaway restaurant in Aalborg.

Listening the life story and vision of the founder was the primary inspiration.

She is a strong woman who does true food art and puts not only the best ingredients in her dishes, but also a huge portion love.

This results in a wonderful, sensual harmony of different spices.

Since the dishes are made from scratch, I drew the letters of the logo from scratch, too.

I looked at historical and visual references from Punjab in India and Pakistan, where the owner is from. Then, I turned them into a simple and modern interpretation of the traditional lines. This is also what happens with the raw ingredients in the kitchen of Naan Stop Kebab.

The final logo has 3 variations: horizontal, stacked and brandmark, so it is suitable for any media and surfaces. They are vectored in Adobe Illustrator and can be scaled up without loss of quality.

Bon apetit!